Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Take Away Horror

I should know better.
I have been craving chicken souvlakis for a little while now and I had one on Monday from a shop in Croydon which was really nice.
I must have then had a brain melt, because I decided today that I would like another one. Now I live in a semi-rural area, so the take away choices at lunch time are fish and chip shops or cafes only. I should have known to not order anything "exotic", but like I said, I must have had a brain melt.
So I went to a local shopping area, to go to the large supermarket there, and thought I would get a chicken souvlaki as well. Apparently though, what I asked for was a chicken souv-burger. It looked like a chicken souvlaki, smelt like a chicken souvlaki, but by God it didn't taste like one - the onion was fried rather than raw, which changed the taste towards a burger, and there was CHEESE - yes grated tasty cheese - in the garlic sauce. I kept expecting to find a fried egg and beetroot with my next bite.

Most Absurd Fight Scene EVER

This is a scene from a very classy 80s movie called "Undefeatble". It's hard to put into words just how bad this clip is - bad hair, bad clothes, bad effects, bad acting, bad editing, bad directing. It's freekin' brilliant!