Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rohan, aged 5 months

Here are some pics of my gorgeous "nephew" Rohan.
Sarah, Rohan and I spent the very sunny afternoon down by the Yarra river, sitting in the shade.

Isn't he divine!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Filthy One Legged Whore

It's been all over the news for the last couple of months - Paul McCartney finally came to his senses and decided to divorce the Filthy One Legged Whore (FOLW). Now the FOLW is claiming that he was violent and aggressive, not only to her but also to his first wife Linda. She supposedly taped conversations and bugged his house, but all that has been reported is that you can hear her trying to bait him with comments like "you know you need to get help for your aggression" with no actual evidence of said aggression.
This woman is such a gold digger and the whole world saw it, except poor Paul. Part of his problem was that he had been in a happy marrige for almost all of his adult life, and men whose wives die after a happy marriage, typically will marry the first thing they see, as they want to recreate that happiness.
Paul and Linda were famously happy and in love - they made a policy of never spending time apart. Linda was such a strong woman, I cannot believe that if she was being abused she would not have done something about it.
These claims just make the FOLW look even more evil. She has supposedly said that if he doesn't give her half his money, she will make his life hell.
I also hope he gets custody of Bea - at least he actually seems to care for and love her, unlike her mother who leaves her with the nanny.
Slam dunk the bitch in court Paul - we're all behind you.

"See that door there? Use it"