Saturday, December 23, 2006

Movie Review: Casino Royale

Yes, I actually left the house. Bizarre I know.

So last night I saw Casino Royale - my first ever experience with a complete James Bond movie. I know all the pop-culture bits out of the Bond movies, but I had never sat through a whole one.

And I must say, I loved it! I was a bit ambivalent about Daniel Craig before I saw him, but now I am in love!! He played Bond as much more flawed than previous Bonds, and it makes him seem more human, less super-hero. And My GOD that man is sexy.
The action was fantastic - one of the first scenes was a fantastic action sequence that went for probably 10 minutes and was filled with breath-taking stunts - running up the side of a construction site, jumping from beam to beam, hundreds of feet off the ground. It looked really cool.
The Bond car was devine - the gadgets included his own defibrilator - everyone should have one!!

All the elements were present for a good Bond film - sexual tension, groovy action sequences, smart dialogue and cool gadgets.

The only time I was disappointed was towards the end, when the editor decided to let the work experience person do the editing - I suspect that it was meant to show changes over a period of time, but it just looked sloppy, as Bond would be kissing a girl wearing a plain green dress, and then she is wearing a floral dress, and then the location changed, all without any explaination.

But just as I was thinking it was all going to fizzle in the end, I was blown away once more, with the very end leaving me on an enormous high.

I really loved this movie and I thoroughly recommend it!!