Saturday, October 25, 2008

My perfect pick up line....

Not the brightest crayon in the box.


Mythbusters: The early years


I know some people who could use this...


Back away slowly


Emo Cows

Just because I came to your house unvited, and we have never met before, doesn't mean I'm a stalker.

Do I have to?

Make sure you know the difference....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Now everyone will know...

Don't piss off this horse. Seriously.

I'd be happy with this bear...

Doing it right you are.


Sarah Palin's Facebook Page

Click to enbiggen.

Brilliant lamp

Can't wait.....

Never listen to Peopie


Sprinkles - literal cake decorating #1

Cakewrecks is a blog which I discovered recently. Here is a lovely example of literal cake decorating. Many more pics will follow.

I really, really want one. Really.

My parents are deeaaaaaaad!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do not discard.

Naughty, naughty Bambi


Big boned cat


So THAT's why people have children....


Dry cleaning

I could really use some of these birds around the house....


An Evening with Leo Sayer

Last Saturday mum and my friend Janet and I saw Leo Sayer in concert at the Hamer Hall in the city. Apart from some minor logistical issues getting mum to the hall, it was a fantastic night.
It's funny - I have grown up listening to Leo Sayer music, but I was still shocked by just how many songs he had written or sung which I didn't know were him. I mean I knew the obvious ones, but some songs I couldn't tell you their name, but I knew the songs. It was funny - I thought I was being a big fat geek going to see Leo - but when I mentioned it at work lots of people got excited, and would have come along.
The songs had all been re-arranged to suit the 20-ish piece orchestra he played with. Most of the rock and dance songs were slowed down to almost lounge music. It was really lovely. Unfortunately the only arrangement I didn't really like was Orchard Road - but that may be because it is my favourite.
Like the Tim Freedman solo tours of a few years ago, there was as many anecdotes as there were songs. I absolutely loved it.
His talent is extraordinary - he is sixty, and he was sitting on a stool while he sang and yet the power in his voice was breath-taking. I hope he comes back next year.

How to manage stress....

So that's what I have been missing....

Wait, what?!!?