Saturday, May 19, 2007

Accidental Engrish

I ordered myself a car adaptor for my MP4 player off eBay this week.

It came yesterday, and I didn't really look at it much. On my way to work this morning I picked it up and received the most pleasant surprise - Engrish!!

The front reads "The car stereo set broadcasts to convert the machine".

But it is the back where it truly shines. This is how is reads (Spelling as in original):
1. Check if the conect postrtion (side or front entry) if it is, skip to point5.
2. If not,remove the cover of this Adaptor by loosening the screws with a coin.
3. Reposition the cord to the desirded position (top.middle or button)
4. Replace the cover and screws.
5. Insert the Adaptor plug into the LINE OUT jack (or AUX OUT jack) of your CD player.
6. Tum on your cassette play and insert this Adaptor.
7. Press PLAY on your CD player and adjust the casette player volume.
8. When done,aject this Adapior like any casserre."

The funniest part is that sometimes they get it right, then in the very next sentence, they get it oh so wrong.

At least now I can broadcast to convert the machine.