A Melbourne masseur charged with raping one of his clients has been released on bail.

Mark Butler, 52, was charged yesterday with the rape and indecent assault of a 34-year-old client.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard that Butler had placed an advertisement in the local newspaper to obtain clients for massage therapy.

The court heard the victim was naked at the time when Butler allegedly digitally raped him 20 minutes into the session, Detective Sergeant Helen Chugg said.

She said that Butler had completed an introduction to massage course which had been eight hours of study.

Detective Sergeant Chugg said that when interviewed by police, Butler told them that he believed he “offered a service for relieving men who had partners who didn't satisfy them, and didn't do it for his own gratification”.

OK, here's some suggestions:
2. Admit to yourself and others that you get off by sticking your finger into rectums. You'll be much happier.
3. If you are serious about being a masseur, it takes more than an 8 hour course. Just a thought.