Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Marks Family X-mess

Here are some pics from our lover-ly day yesterday.

My cousin Rhys and presents.
Rhys and presents.
Cousin Patrick opening his guitar.
The shrine to the currently travelling Amy (A. Lew). Note the items of significance.

Emma (FEMBOTanist) with Rhys after Patrick painted him with the face paint we gave him.

Engrish Soap Crayons

Mum seems to have an uncanny knack for finding excellent Engrish items - I suspect it stems from her refusal to shop in anything other than op shops and $2 shops.

Well I noticed today as I was looking at the stocking fillers I need to wrap for the kiddies we didn't see yesterday that one of the items, some soap crayons for the bath, had a big white sticker over the instructions.

I could smell the Engrish oozing out from under that sticker. And sure enough....
This is what it says: (all spelling and punctuation as in original)


Use it under the guardian,don't use on bathbed, otherwise,it's risk of accidents, such as falling down,hurt.

It's risk of suffocation, don't eat the wrapper, don't use under 3 years.

To rinse with water at once if spray into eyes.

Please stop use it if feeling allergic,and ask for the doctor if feeling unwell.

Don't eat it,apart from children.

Please rinse with water at once after daubbing. Don't keep it on skin for long time.

Use it lightly.


This product is easy to dissolve, keep it where it is dry, atnormal temperature, shady and cool.

This product is easy toadhere to the porous stuff,such as wood, Concrete;marble;color is easy to diffues ,please take care.

In case the chine-brick is dyed by it, you can rinse with the bleaching agent.

In case the cloth is dyed by it, you can rinse with washing powder.Don't use outside the bathroom,please.

When it is dry and will become sticky,you can add some water.

The packing label may be dyed bysoap, while there is no quality problem. Please put it on blister when open.

Please don,t use the demaged & out of shape blister in case an accident happens."