Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rohan, aged 1 year

This is my "nephew" Rohan. Isn't he gorgeous!

Debra's Britney Spears Moment

As Debra is going to lose her hair from the chemo, I shaved her head for her the other day. Now she looks like Evie from V for Vendetta or a sane Britney Spears.

I'm a wanted criminal - sort of....

On Tuesday night a group of girls from my weekend work went out for dinner at a restaurant in Clayton. It was a place I had been to many years ago, and they had been shit, but they had changed hands since then, so I figured they might be better now. And we were going there because Linda had an entertainment card which gave us a discount at this place of "Up to $30 or 30% off".

The food was lovely. The service was a bit slow, but nothing too bad. The bill came and they had only given us $18 off - they had given us the cheapest meal as a discount. There was nowhere on the discount voucher stating that this was how they calculated the discount, so Linda went to question the Junior Manager. She was adamant that this was all the discount they give, flashing a laminated sign out of sight of the customers and offered to call the manager. We waited about 10-15 minutes for the manager, but having received no response, Linda gave the waitress $191 ($6.50 less than the total they had asked for) as well as her phone number and we left.

We had made our way to our cars and were all driving off when the Junior Manager and the Chef raced out onto the street and started arguing with us and standing in front of our cars. I drove off from the Chef as he was still yelling at me. I half expected to find the police waiting for me when I got home.

The manager has since rung Linda, demanding the $6.50 and threatening to call the main manager. If I was the owner/main manager of this restaurant I would be sacking these employees as they have guaranteed a huge amount of bad PR for the restaurant. All they had to do was have a sign displayed prominently saying that the discount they had advertised in the entertainment card book was incorrect.
Linda has submitted a complaint to the entertainment card people and if all 7 of us tell ten people, who tell ten people, who tell ten people.... They are going to be out of business VERY soon over less than $1 per person.
Apparently there is a web site where you can give bad restaurant reviews - I'm off to find it now.

Friday, June 29, 2007

All your base are belong to us.

Here is one of my favourite things - All your base are belong to us. It is a bit of a phenomena. Read more about it here.

And now another take - All your snakes are belong to us.

Look around you

I have been recently introduced to the wonders of a BBC2 show called "Look Around You". It's a spoof of the science education shows we were forced to sit through in school.
This one is probably my favourite, but if you look on YouTube, there are many fine episodes. Enjoy!