Saturday, January 02, 2010

Haywood Jablome

Genius. How did the reporter not pick this up?

How to defeat a hangover


Famous Dog walker

I wonder if Scooby and Astro talk to each other in "dog ranguage". That would be so cool.

Jesus loves me.....


Movie Science Vs Real Science

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh, by the way....


Pinata sex


Zombie Insurance

I saw 'Zombieland' last night. I loved it. It isn't very long, but it is silly and funny and thoroughly enjoyable.
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Lifting and spanking machine

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For all you naughty boys and girls.

Wolfram Alpha Fail


At first I was like.... NYE Edition

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When it sucks to be a twin


Nicolas Cage


Buffy, please come back.


Movie Titles Improved by replacing one word with 'Vagina'.

Harry Potter and the chamber of Vaginas

How to Lose a Vagina in 10 days

How the Vagina Stole Christmas

12 Angry Vaginas

Vagina All Mighty

Harry Vagina and the Sorcerer's Stone

Monty Python and the Holy Vagina

Texas Vagina Massacre

Harry Potter and the Vagina of Secrets

Vagina of Darkness

The Lord of the Vagina: The Return of the King

Vagina 2: Judgment Day

Vagina Wars: Episode V - The Vagina Strikes Back

Iron Vagina

The Green Vagina

The Chronicles of Vagina: Prince Caspian

What Happens in Vagina

Alice's Vagina

The American Vagina

Beautiful Vagina

Big Vagina


Boyz N the Vagina

Chariots of Vagina

Close Encounters of the Vagina Kind

Coal Miner's Vagina

Dawn of the Vagina

Death of a Vagina

Dial V for Vagina

The Vagina Hunter

Dirty Rotten Vaginas

Fast, Cheap & Out of Vagina

Fatal Vagina Gangs of New Vagina

Gone With the Vagina

L.A. Vagina

The Vagina Who Came to Dinner


Brokeback Vagina

One Vagina, Two Vagina

Raging Vagina

Ruthless Vagina

Saving Private Vagina

Seven Vaginas for Seven Brothers

Sex, Lies and Vaginas

The Straight Vagina

Thin Blue Vagina


2001: A Space Vagina

When Harry Met Vagina

West Side Vagina

I would like to add:


Gentlemen prefer Vaginas

Vaginas like it hot

Vagina on a hot tin roof

Sixteen Vaginas

Vagina Alone

A clockwork Vagina

Silence of the Vaginas

Bill and Ted's excellent Vagina

A Vagina on Elm Street.

Vagina of the bride

Risky Vagina

The last of the Vaginas

Lost in Vagina

Geez, I could go on and on....