Saturday, August 07, 2010

Reservoir Memes


One in a million...

Reminds me of some Whitlams lyrics "She was one in a million, so there's five more just in New South Wales" (from 'Up against the wall').

Woody is kinkier than I thought


Rock Paper Scissors: The new version

How does air beat devil?  My brain hurts.

Donut Herpes

Tasty tasty herpes.

Pedophiles have birthdays too

Cake Wrecks

Tampax: Just because.

Gushing is such an awesome word.

Everyone has personal boundaries.


Dun-dun, dun-dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun....

Scary little fella...



Divert your course


Friday, August 06, 2010

How you will live in 1950

Click to embiggen.

Very cool.  Makes some sense, although how it would be built would be another question.

Why did no one tell me this trick?

Duct tape really is the most versatile product in the world.

Naughty Cookie Cutters

They remind me of happy childhood memories when my uncle Robert got some naughty chocolate moulds and make chocolates for everyone at Christmas.  The ones I remember most clearly were (almost life size) penises which he filled with a white filling. 

Mmmm... Sexy.


Traces of Nuts

Cyanide and Happiness

The lake is handing me a sword...

Married to the Sea

I got my nails did!

I just love the look on her face.

The end

And this is why you should always keep your feet on the bed until morning.

Blame straight people


Thursday, August 05, 2010

The art of manliness?


Hulk emotions

Hulk smash!
Savage Chickens

Stop with the duck face.

Via email.
(Thanks Spencer!).


• "Buy some furniture or admit that you're empty inside."
• "When an American schoolgirl has two drinks by ten a.m. it's a pretty good bet the plan is to have a lot more, and it probably wasn't the first time she had that plan."
• "Inspiration point doesn't open 'til dark."
• "You got to the point where half your age plus seven just wasn't young enough anymore?"
• "At least he has the young and stupid excuse."
• "You think Odysseus would want to lie whimpering like a loser in a hospital bed?"
• "We're better off alone. We suffer alone, we die alone. Doesn't matter if you were a model husband or father of the year."
Taub: "Not exactly sanitary."
• House: "Fun stuff never is."
• "Is that the statutory period for soul sucking?"
• "He's just trying to get into your skirts. And I don't mean metaphorically."
• "Stop before you interest me to death."
• "Gotta see if our patient's a unicorn or just a slutty horse."
• "Must be interesting, growing up in a production of Oh Calcutta."
• "The world's your freaky oyster and you opt for another long-term relationship? That's just stupid."
• "You're the moron who took marital advice from Tila Tequila."
• "Think there's a chance the husband's a Plushie?"
Cuddy: "Do you read any of your departmental memos?"
• House: "Only the ones labeled NSFW."
• "He's wearing cologne, but not the stink of shame."
• "What's with the lack of afterglow? Psycho girl not as freaky as you hoped?"
• "You're compensating for your loss of professional conquests with sexual ones."
• "There's a better way to call off a wedding. A tweet, for example."
• "Doesn't mean you're gay just because the guy you're sleeping with is."
• "Sodomy - one of the top ten most common household accidents."
• "If history is written by the victor, how do we find out what really happened?"
• "Given your usual rate of commitment, we're lucky you're not already re-divorced."
• "Her old friend, the fried carbohydrate."
• "Everyone wants their stuff. That's why it's their stuff."
• "I cared for eight seconds. Then I got distracted.'"
• "People who kick when you're down are jerks, but generally not irrational jerks."
• "Make a decision. If you're gonna be an ass. Stick with it."
• "People's brains stop working when they think they're losing someone they love."
• "If you're going to invest everything I haven't mentioned with unnatural significance, let's include drawstring pants and the Peloponnesian War."
• "That a pill in your pocket or are you just happy to have a tiny pill shaped penis?"
• "That much caffeine for a coffee virgin?"
Isms via Amy Oops.
Pics Via here and here.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Brains Out


Never gonna give you up?



I'm choosing to ignore the apostrophe.

It's all about perspective.


Neil Young


Not allowed.


The definition of etc.

Makes so much sense.

How to make money....


I'll never let go Jack.

Words cannot describe the awesomeness.

Stewie Lemon


An ex-boyfriend perhaps?

Click to embiggen.

Because otherwise Captain Obvious is really losing his edge.
I wonder if they go around with their ball point pen commenting on all ads? 
Via email (Thanks Claudia!).

Ask a stupid question...

Help Feed the Troll

Monday, August 02, 2010

Awesome Doormat

I want one.

Not to be a dick, but.....

Just like "no offense" means prepare to be offended.
Murray The Nut

Love bite?

Sometimes I would love to be a fly on the wall in an Emergency Department.
Via Email (Thanks Sascha).

There is no decent way to tell you....

Post Secret

The wisdom of Bob Kelso

Right there with you, Bob.

Hello... Wait, what?


Oh Please.

Even if they do, only MY feelings matter....
(I love the look on his face!!  I want to give him a hug!).

Not just funny, but wise too



Excuse me Tanya, but you seem to have some gender identity issues.