Saturday, July 10, 2010

Child safety tips....

So how is he a former pedophile?  His sexual tastes have changed all of a sudden?  Maybe he found religion and became a priest, because we all know priests wouldn't hurt a child.
I suspect his tips include "accept lollies from strangers"; "creepy white van? it's all good"; "balding men with porn 'staches are perfect babysitters".

Oh Dear Jeebus....


Oh, wow....


Just sayin'....


My religion


It's not you, it's me.


She's upset...


The coping mechanism pyramid

Murray The Nut

I see what you did...


Zach has been ripped off

Click to embiggen. 
Oprah has been running a competition for someone to host a new show on her network.  The leader for almost all of the competition has been Zach Anner, a young man who is very intelligent and funny, but who also happens to have Cerebral Palsy.  The others which have been risen to lead the competition are more Oprah and Dr. Phil clones.  Zach was pitching a travel show.
The bottom figures were before someone at the Oprah production company decided to pick who would win the public vote.  How can Zach lose 6 million votes?  Because Oprah says so.  Even if she did not change the figures herself, she would be aware of it, and would have the power to fix it if she wanted to.
I understand that she is running a business, but this is disgraceful.  I hope Oprah is ashamed and embarrassed about her blatant discrimination.
I also hope that Zach will have a future in the media regardless.
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Thursday, July 08, 2010

The meaning of successful.

Stuff No One Told Me

A gift for her.

Channel ATE

Mel is such a charmer.


The wrong 'hood.


Iron Man...

They should have cast Matthew Broderick so that Ferris could play Ferrous.... OK, I'll stop now.
So Much Pun

Drink milk and kick ass...


Happy Birthday Sascha!


Headline News: Spoiled Princess gets dose of reality

Dear Judge Revel,
Please note message on Lindsay's middle nail, directed at you during her sentencing hearing.  Please increase her sentence according.

Dear Lindsay,
Suck it up, Princess.
Grow the fuck up.
Enjoy prison.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010