Friday, June 22, 2007

Cletus the Fetus

Fantastically sick! The perfect present for the religious freak in your life.

Check out the whole range here.

MP4 Engrish

So I got a new MP4 player a couple of weeks ago. I opened the manual for something the other day and low and behold - suberb Engrish!

I won't quote the whole thing as that would be a tad excessive, but here are some of the highlights: (as in original)

"The MP3 figures walkman product that uses our company to you first means a with gratitude!"

"Can be as soon as possible relaxed for the sake of you from if ground the operation this machine, please before you start use this machine careful read the manual that we provide random, for the purpose of your ability the right usage was a machine originally"

"Use don't let the player fall off to fall"

"Want in specially hot, cold and many dusts with damply, the aridity of the environment to use a player"

"... our company is all irresponsible"

"Get stripe the completion retreats and break a conjunction of open the MP3 and PC machine"

"When the conversion progress attains 100% after hint the conversion completion, mean the video frequency converts success, the empress of the conversion of the document delivers through the USB data line to then the hold type medium player, can immedicately start to take a look at"

I know what all of those words mean, but I have no idea what any of that says.

Freakin' BRILLIANT!!!!