Saturday, November 01, 2008



Strangling hookers


Maple Syrup Sign Fail

Songs for Swinging mothers

I wonder what songs are on there.
And published by Hi IN-fidelity records. Bless

It must be photoshopped....

But it still made me laugh.

Strawberry Taliban

The Kitten and Barbie

I love how it looks like the kitten is copping a feel.

Bacon Lampshade

I have many questions: wouldn't your whole house then smell like bacon? Wouldn't the poodles just eat it? what happens if the bacon goes off?

Reasons to grow a beard

For the rest make clicky here.

Cheer up.


Friday, October 31, 2008

If only...

If only I could afford new dirt for my floor....


I hope to be used by you again.

For the girl who has everything.


Maybe not the best place to take your kids. Unless...

The scariest Halloween costume ever.

Zombie Cats

Curiosity burns the cat

Proof that strippers bring out the animal in you.

John Lennon Quote

I heard this quote on the radio this morning: "Writing songs is easy: you just say what you mean, make it rhyme and put a backbeat behind it" - John Lennon.
It may have been that easy for you sunshine, but not necessarily for the rest of us!!

Halloween Pumpkins

I don't know if the people who made these are incredibly talented or have too much time on their hands. Maybe both.

There are millions out there, but these were my faves.

Happy Halloween!