Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I am so slack?

It is an excellent question. Why has it been since June that I have not posted on this blog?

Is it studies? After all I have started my Masters in July.

Work? Working two jobs can be tough.

Mum's health? I have certainly not been feeling all that much like writing about just how crappy my life has been lately.
Facebook? My name is Lydia, and I am a Facebook addict. Very true. Who knew getting your picture of a vampire to "attack" someone else's picture of a vampire could be so damned addictive? Finding people I went to school with has also been.... Let's just say terrifying and leave it at that.
Really lame G Rated computer games? My addiction to games where I run a diner, build houses or bake cakes is as hilarious as it is sad. I just cannot stop. Beauty salons. Gardening. Pizza shops. You name it, I'll play it. Don't expect me to do real work though.
I guess it is probably all of the above.
So, once again, I pledge to write some of my ramblings on this blog and to occasionally be funny. Damned funny.