Friday, February 09, 2007

Dick in a box

My respect for Justin Timberlake has grown immensely since I saw this.

The scariest creature on earth....

Another One Bites The Dust

I've never been a fan of Anna Nicole Smith - in fact I downright hated her for a long time because she was a Marilyn wannabe - at one point she bought the house in Fifth Helena Drive where Marilyn died, and then took an overdose to attempt to die there too. But I do worship at the altar of celebrity, and I have felt extremely sorry for her since her son Daniel died in September, within hours of her daughter being born.

Now to wake up this morning and found that Anna Nicole herself has died suddenly has shocked me significantly. From the reports I've read, I think she died before she hit the floor - probably heart failure from all the bizarre eating patterns and drugs over the years.

There has been a suggestion made though that Howard K Stern, her lawyer and boyfriend, may have had something to do wtih not only her death, but Daniel's as well. Apparantly Anna Nicole's estranged(what a surprise) mother voiced these fears more than a month ago.

Sadly, with the soap opera that has been Anna Nicole's life, nothing would surprise me.

I just hope that DannieLynn gets all the money and gets to have a nice, normal life.

Don't like her chances though.