Friday, September 29, 2006

Why do I do it to myself?

I only work at my weekday job for 12 hours a week. Two six hour days. Nothing really.
I get on fabulously with approximately 50% of my colleagues; I get on ok with approximately 25%; and I BARELY tolerate 25%.
Now this is probably the same ratio you would get anywhere, in any job. But this job involves 7 people, 8 including myself, so the interactions with the people I tolerate are more frequent than I would like.
In my previous blog I referred to one particular colleague as "X", which I will continue in this blog as it gives her some anonymity, but most people will know who I am talking about.
So today is the planning day for our team - I am in the office on my own while they all sit in the next room planning what needs to be done for 2007. (Rest assurred that I would rather be here writing this than in there bored shitless). X is running a training session on Tuesday and asked me to ring Subway and book the catering. I did all this and then I get the "Oh, you don't work Tuesday's do you" followed by a pathetic look. Knowing that she was wanting me to volunteer to fuck up my life just for her, I just said "No, I don't" and walked away. She then tried the "Oh but I don't know where it is" despite an address and clear directions. Regardless of how hard she tries, I am not splitting my days off just because she is a princess.
And then of course I am on the phone to mum, just launching into bitching about X and she walks into the room and I can tell that she heard me. Here come the repercussions.
God I'm a doofus.

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