Monday, October 30, 2006

Amy and Emma's Birthday Sensation

Well Saturday night was my cousins' Amy and Emma's birthday party. Much fun and merriment was had by most. One of the best parts of the night was that most of the Marks cousins were there - only Rhys, who is only 5, wasn't there. Here is some picture evidence:

A strip of pics as designed by Patrick.

A bigger version of the top pic. L to R it is Patrick, Greta, Emma (FEMBOTanist), Amy (A. Lew) and Me. The theme was "fake tan" - as you can see Greta, Patrick and I didn't go in theme!!

Our "emo" pic.
How I felt yesterday.

1 comment:

FEMBOTanist said...

So you didn't pull up so well on Sunday! Did you have to work?

Come around to Amy's one night soon so that we can do the Man of Colours thing we were planning at the party.