Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dodgy Hair Extensions

So hair extensions have been the chiz for a few years now - Victoria Beckham, among others, uses them to try and hide her skeletor collar bones.
Jessica Simpson, who I actually quite like, has recently brought out her own range of extensions with her hair dude Ken Paves. Now these are US$500 a pop, so I would expect quality.
Now in my understanding of like selling a product or something, the best way to sell it is to make it look good. Makes sense. My understanding of hair extensions is that they should look like natural hair - the average dumbass should not be able to tell that you are wearing extensions.
Well right now I am sitting watching Jay Leno and Jess is a guest. Her natural hair is in a bob right now, so she is clearly wearing extensions on the show.

Sadly, you can tell that she is wearing extensions - you can see the point where her natural hair stops, it's really obvious as her natural hair has body and movement and is a lighter blonde. The extensions look like Barbie would reject them. They look like a limp nylon wig that has just been pulled out of an overpriced showbag.
Not good advertising Jess!

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