Monday, October 09, 2006

Sometimes I forget....

I don't really have much self confidence, but there a few things I am REALLY good at. One of them is singing. And sometimes even I forget that I have a great voice and I should practice and keep singing as much as possible. I have reminded recently because Vega added "Stop" by Sam Brown to their playlist. Fantastic song to sing, and I do it well.
I really owe Lynne for being able to recognise my singing. She encouraged me to join a community choir, which I really enjoyed. Being in the choir taught me that I can sing, and that I was actually quite good.
So I am outing myself and making a public pledge: I can sing. I have a really good voice, but I find it too intimidating to sing in public. Mum didn't even know I could sing until about 3 years ago, because I wouldn't even sing in front of her. Now I solemnly pledge to keep practising my singing and I pledge to sing in public. Soon.

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