Thursday, November 16, 2006

Post Exam Euphoria

I had my first exam this morning and now I am trapped in a daze of post exam euphoria - either that or the red bull I drank had some extra speed in it.

It was my first exam for Charles Sturt, so it was my first time at the exam venue. The place I had to go was an Anglican church in Wandin, which is about 25 minutes from me - this makes a pleasant change from when I was studying at Monash and I had to go to Caulfield racecourse for my exams. The invigilators were very cute - a couple in their late 70's with the appropriate surname of Goodluck. They were devine "do you want a cup of tea? are you sure?". There was only one other person so it was all very personal and relaxed - much different to the exams I am used to!
The exam itself was fine - this was the Police studies exam, and it was pretty similar to the past exam I got from the Uni website, so I am not really concerned about it at all. Next week's one might very well be a doozy though - we have been receiving new study materials as recently as yesterday, when the exam is in 8 days and the lecturer seems very nit-picky on the discussion forum. She has said that she will be marking the exams and that she will be taking into account when the modules were sent out, but even that doesn't fill me with overwhelming confidence. I am normally much more relaxed about exams than about essays, but I think this one might get to me.
Oh well, 7 days to study, which also means 7 days to procrastinate about studying and 7 days to panic.
Let's roll!

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