Saturday, March 01, 2008

Paragliding Chihuahua Survives Crash

A 42 year old man, with his pet chihuahua strapped to his chest, got stuck in a tree while paragliding in Don Valley. He called the police on his mobile, but it took them five hours to find him. I love the mental image I have of the man in the tree with his Chihuahua (who was almost certainly shivering) strapped to his chest for five hours. I especially love that it was about 15 minutes from my house.


UPDATE: I just saw the story on the news - I know this chihuahua!!! Her name is Emma and when I was in the Warburton Community Choir, Emma and her dad used to come and watch rehearsal because her mum was in the choir! How funny! She walks around Warby in little camo jackets and she is always with her dad. Go Emma!!!

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