Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The cat and the watermelon

I think the thing I like most is the determined look on the cat's face.
But my questions are:
Obvious first - Why is a cat in a body of water, pushing a large watermelon? Does the cat intend to eat the watermelon? Does the cat even know what it is? Where is it taking it? Does it have a litter of kittehs and is going to feed them watermelon? Does this cat know something we don't know? Why is the cat so damned determined? Is it some kind of feline coming of age challenge that we have been oblivious to until now..... So many questions.....

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Unknown said...

My suspicion is that the cat has somehow fallen into the lake, and is trying to rest her paws on the melon because the cold water is hurting them. This would explain why her tail is fluffed up, usually a sign that they're not happy. I think the "determined" look on her face is that of a cat desperately trying to get out of a decidedly unpleasant situation. I also think the cat is a "she" because of her dainty paws.