Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Roundup

Well my religious event has passed for another year.
As always I have several highlights:
  • The musical number with Hugh, Beyonce, Zac, Vanessa and the Mamma Mia couple. Very well done - very clever mashing of musical numbers. I'm not a Beyonce fan, even a little bit, but she was very, very good.
  • I LOVED the way they presented the acting awards - getting 5 past winners to directly address an individual nominee and praise them, not just for the role they were nominated for. I was crying before the award was even announced!
  • I also loved how they showcased movies of the last year, regardless if they recieved any nominations or not. This is how it should be.
  • I loved Sean Penn's speech - "Who knew you were a bunch of commie-homo lovers".
  • Yay Kate Winslet. I have loved her since Heavenly Creatures, and I couldn't be more happy for her.
  • Yay Heath. Didn't just cry when he won, out and out sobbed.
Only issues:
  • Although it would have been nice for Mickey Rourke to win, I suspect that was too much for the traditional members of the academy.
  • Hugh's opening number was a tad cringe-worthy, but I think he made up for it later.
  • Ben Stiller's Joaquin Phoenix moment. Not funny, cringe-worthy.
So it has gone for another year. I am satiated. Good job Hugh.

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