Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daphne the Mighty

As some of you know I was evacuated due to the Victorian bushfires a little over a month ago. I came to my boyfriend's house, while mum took the dogs to one of her friend's houses. Whilst there one of the dogs, Daphne, escaped and had been missing ever since.
We registered her as missing with the local council and the RSPCA, but we had both given up hope.
Then yesterday we got a call - a brown toy poodle had been seen loitering around a university campus about two blocks from where Daphne ran away. Mum went down last night and spoke to the staff members and they promised to do what they could.
Well this morning some very kind reception staff managed to catch her - Daphne has returned!
I went and collected her this afternoon - she is skinny, but not as skinny as I thought she would be. Apparently she had been hanging around the cafeteria - so probably kind people were leaving her extra scraps. She is also buzzing - she has been living on adrenaline for a month! I have been home for half an hour or so, and she is only now starting to relax, and look like she might sleep a little.
I am so happy and relieved. Who would have thought a toy poodle could live in the wilds of Melbourne suburbia for a month!?!

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy she came back to you... I was so worried for all the animals, it's good to hear a happy outcome