Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i-wood - I want one!

The applications include:
Tiny map - "Have you ever needed to find something but can’t be bothered by a map that doesn’t give you eye strain? Well we have the answer for you it’s our all new Tiny Map application.
* now includes illegible type on every map"
Useless crap - "Can’t wait to buy the thing that does the thing that everyone is talking about nonstop? Neither can we! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!"
Status Symbol - "Oh My Sweet Savior! I just got the new Status Symbol application for the i-wood. I must be a really important person to have something so great. Everyone look here and see how great I am. I just used my expensive little rectangle to show you how much better I am than you. Look now before I stop gracing you with my presence."
Via Email (Thanks Sascha!).

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