Saturday, October 31, 2009

Worst three words

Reddit asked people:

What three words, when juxtaposed, create the worst possible mental image?

Here are a few responses:

  • catastrophic bowel movement
  • 14 fr cali.
  • I’m Chris Hansen
  • is it in?
  • Let’s be friends
  • You have AIDS
  • No internet access
  • You’re the father
  • Is that it?
  • I am pregnant
  • Gasoline powered asshammer
  • your brother's bigger
  • bathroom clown surprise
  • out of beer
  • no more bacon!
  • Surprise barbed dildo
  • Surprise anal sex
  • Git er done
  • Bush was right
  • Church of Scientology
  • get yourself checked
  • Shit. Don’t move!
  • Great sex, grandma
  • no toilet paper
  • you’re being audited
  • Grab Your Ankles
  • License and registration
  • Leave Britney alone!
  • Shit eating grin
  • President Sarah Palin
I would like to add:
  • Starring Tom Cruise
  • Reality TV Star
  • Mr Donald Trump
  • This won't hurt
  • Lemonparty dot org
  • You seen "jarsquatter"?

What can you come up with?


1 comment:

Doctor FTSE said...

Can I add not three, but four, yes four, towns in the UK that presage a real disaster?

"Pity Me. Havant. Flushing. Looe"

Best wishes.