Friday, November 13, 2009

Proper etiquette for pets on motorbikes

Above all else, cats are fickle. One minute they're craving the wind in their hair and the joy of the open road. The next minute it's nap time.

You'll need a well-thought out strategy to ensure a pleasant and safe ride for your feline friend.

Born to Be Wild
Many riders, like the one pictured above, opt to let their cat have access to the elements and free range on the bike.

This poses two potential problems:

First off, your cat may see something interesting on the side of the road as you race by and feel the need to jump off. This can really can slow you down if you're in a hurry, adding minutes of cat-retrieval time to your daily commute.

Second, your cat will have no way to transition gently into the sleep he so desperately needs.

Fig. 2: Happy Kitty

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Thanks Ken.

Let Your Cat Be a Cat

At left, observe the proper way to transport a cat on a motorcycle.

Note that Fluffy is safely tucked in to a child seat with five-point restraining harness. This allows him to experience the feeling of freedom cats so often crave, while remaining safe, secure and, most of the time, asleep.

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