Friday, June 18, 2010

One day in Tasmania

Our one day in Tassie was action packed!  We caught a bus into Launceston for the day.  Tasmania was one of the original convict colonies and Launceston is Australia's third oldest city after Sydney and Hobart. This is the Boag's brewery. We did a tour of the brewery, but no photos were allowed inside the building.  We then did taste tests of the beer and some Tasmanian cheese - it was very yummy!
This is a statue of Thylacines, or Tasmanian Tigers, located near the town hall.  Thylacines are Australia's most famous extinct animal, and many people, especially ARFRA, believe they are not actually extinct.
In City Park in the centre of Launceston they have a Japanese Macaque exhibit.  We were only inches away at some points, although through perspex.  In the first pic, this one was hiding from Sascha's camera, then I took this pic.  I think he was saying "I said NO PHOTOS!!"  I loved their fingernails.
We rode the chair lift over Cataract Gorge.  I had never been on a chair lift before and was shitting myself the whole time, but then was rewarded at the top.
There was a peacock and a family of wallabies within a few feet of the chair lift and they were quite happy to have their picture taken.  This was a brief moment when dad wallaby looked up from his umm... grooming.

It was a long day, but really awesome fun.

My photos are not that great, but check out Sascha's here.

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