Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I *heart* Duckie

I never understood why she didn't go for Duckie.


Lefty Banana said...

Apparently, she did. Then, Hughes was forced to change the ending. So he made Some Kind of Beautiful a year or so later, and that was the story the way Hughes *wanted* to tell it.
I always wondered about this, because I knew OMD had to re-write their song for the movie (the original song they put in the movie was Goddess of Love from their Pacific Age album). But they changed it and put If You Leave in.
When I learned this, and re-watched the movie, I realised Pretty in Pink isn't about Ringwald's character at all, but it's really the story of the Duck.

Misslyds said...

Wow! That's both awesome and sad - there should be a director's cut with an alternate ending! I think I need to watch it again as the story of the Duck!