Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beware of puddles


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Tom said...

The fact that Obama is doing is collecting potential future votes for the liberal Democrats from the massive illegal alien population and their relatives. Obama and the liberal Democrats know that most illegal aliens are poor, generally uneducated people, from socialist oriented countries, who as such have historically been natural liberal Democrat supporters and voters.

In that respect when you hear liberal Democrats talk about "a path to citizenship" for illegal aliens, and then to allow their foreign relatives to come here and be given citizenship, you are listening to liberal Democrat code for eventually granting them all US voting rights. The potential numbers of new foreign born voters emanating from such a policy would be in the tens of millions, and would change the political balance of the USA firmly in favor of the liberal Democrats. If the liberal Democrats ever thought that more then a very small percentage of that population group would ever vote Republican the liberal Democrats would be calling for them to be deported instead.
If anyone needs any proof of anything I said, take a look at this black racist's blog, he's a white hater and was from the day he was born.