Thursday, July 14, 2011

A present

It always is.


Mathspiration said...

Luckily his present was wrapped and not found via bare foot. (been there)

Misslyds said...

Good call - I have been there too, and it is bloody unpleasant!!

Tattoo Jim said...

Why is it that a small dog can't seem to hit the potty pad with their poop? Seems like they can get their front feet on the pad and then poop just off of it and then, just 'cause they can, they pee and miss the pad too! But they always manage to use just a bit of the pad so you have to get rid of it!!! Plus when they puke they always head for the carpet... and if you try to catch them to keep them from puking, they run to another carpet and puke again! Tell me again why people have dogs??? And I'm just puppy sitting!!!