Monday, August 01, 2011

Sad but true....

I work two part time jobs, both for the same health organisation.  One is permanent part-time on weekends, and one is part-time on a contract three days a week at clinic A.  I got called at 1pm on Sunday afternoon and told I would no longer be going to clinic A, but instead I would be going to clinic B, effective as of today, and that an employee of clinic B was being re-deployed into my position at clinic A.  Confused yet?  I am.

So today I (begrudgingly) reported to clinic B and tried as best I could to cope with the situation.  Then this afternoon I was told I would be going back to clinic A for the rest of this week, with my fate again undecided by the powers that be.

I feel like a pawn in some evil game of chess - a game I never wanted to play to begin with.

Anyone got a job for a chick who has done admin in mental health for almost 16 years? 

Anyone?  Anyone at all?


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