Monday, February 20, 2012

Fat is not the worst thing.

And yet at least two of her villains were fat - Dudley and Uncle Vernon.  And Aunt Marge.  There's probably more, but that would require thinking.


Bootsie said...

But how many of her villians were thin? Not arguing, just curious. I have neither read the books, nor seen the movies. (I know, right?)

Misslyds said...

True - and some of the nice teachers were pleasantly plump. I don't think she was being deliberately size-ist. Oh and you should read the books - the movies are ok, but the books are amazing.

Matthew Courville said...

I think Neville was described as plump, and boy did that character grow beyond our expectations. And though Dudley was a total buttmunch at the beginning, he and Harry reconciled at the beginning of HP7 and according to Jo Rowling herself they remained in contact throughout their adult life. Mrs. Weasley was a big woman, and she killed off skinny bitch, Death Eater Bellatrix.