Saturday, May 26, 2012

On the road

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We are currently travelling from Melbourne to Perth, via the Woomera Rocket Range and Museum.  It will be 3800ish kilometres (2361 miles) each way.  This will be the furthest west I have ever been so I am looking forward to exploring, but posts will be fewer than usual over the next couple of weeks.


chris said...

Just when I was coming to visit!

*checks google maps*

27,217 km, 57 days 0 hours

Oh...wait... 58. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean
Entering Hawaii

Carry on, I might be a while. Nova Scotia to Australia is further than I thought. Have a good trip.

bitscared said...

Travel safe, Miss Lyd!

PeaJay said...

Oh, your coming my way?! See you soon!

Unknown said...

OK, time to rob your house.