Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dear NRA, please explain this.



reverendken said...

Its the mental imagery in the games and movies, showing everyone killing doesn't hurt. The second amendment isn't about anything but revolting against TYRANTS like the usurper. If you love your country buy a gun and defend you and yours against the tyrants who want you to be either dead, in a reeducation camp or on your knees.

Nate said...

You are a fool. Guns don't kill people, idiots with guns kill people. I assume the usurper is that uppity nigger Obama? Hahaha go back to your bunker, asshole. The rest of the world is laughing at you, rightwing minority, racist, idiot Americans. Thank fuck for New York and Los Angeles.

nbcaveman said...


Let me sum it up - The U.S., Europe and Australian governments want to ban guns from their citizens.

Then those same governments are all raging to give guns to Middle East and African rebels - to use against against their own governments that got "to big for their breeches."

If this logic is prevalent of New York and L.A., I'm thanking my lucky stars for the wisdom of our founding fathers and the electoral college. And the "normal" people that are the backbone of your nation and without whom those cities couldn't exist.

Think, don't follow. Stop being part of the herd.

nbcaveman said...

.... You greasy hippie.

- Sorry, offensive generalizations are all you seem to understand, so I thought on it and decided to add that based on the profile picture.