Sunday, February 01, 2009

Gosh I am getting old....

It is 17 years ago today since I saw New Kids on the Block in concert! Yes, I will admit to having crap taste in music! Penny and I saw them at Rod Laver Arena (which was still called Flinders Park in those days I think). We went and watched them get the keys to the city of Melbourne (a sister city to Boston, their home town) then we went and hung around the venue, and saw them arriving on their bus. It was the most exciting moment of my life! I can even tell you what I was wearing: A NKOTB T shirt that had "handprints" and "signatures" on it and fluro bike shorts! We had crap seats - second last row, right off to the side, but we didn't care. I screamed so much during the concert I coughed up blood for two days, and I suspect permanently damaged my vocal cords.
So am I that lame that I celebrate the anniversary each year? No, my cousin Greta was born while we were in the concert, becoming a reminder of my silly youth.
Happy 17th Gretski!

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