Saturday, February 07, 2009

What a day....

Part 1:
Yes, I am a doofus....
So I went shopping last night for a new watch. Nothing special. I went to the local shopping centre. Two steps inside the door, I twisted my ankle. I kept walking - I have twisted my ankle lots of times, why would this be any different? Hobbled around the shopping centre, did what I had to do. It was painful, but I was determined to tough it out. By the time I got back to boyfriend's house, I couldn't weight bear on it at all. After X-Rays and 4 hours in the Emergency Department this morning, I now know that I have a ligament injury. I have an anterior talofibular ligament tear. A bloody painful one. And I can't even say "I was tap dancing".... "I was roller blading"... Nope, it's me. I was just walking. Walking in a shopping centre.

Part 2:
So today was the hottest day in Melbourne's history. I happen to live on the outskirts of the city, in a beautiful area. A beautiful area prone to bushfires. I was already crippled at boyfriend's house, but mum and the poodles have had to evacuate. We don't know the status of our house - won't know until at least tomorrow what is going on. But I am one of the lucky ones. I have a place to go, and all of my loved ones are safe. So far there have been 100+ homes lost and 14 confirmed deaths. These figures will no doubt rise over the next couple of days.

It feels a little like Armeggeddon around Melbourne tonight. And to top it off, I'm a crippled doofus.

What a day.

The fire danger has passed for my house for now. The death toll in Victoria currently stands at 36 with 640 houses lost. I'm sure that this will continue to rise. It's pretty horrifying.

I spoke too soon! More fires have begun around Warburton. *sigh* It's going to be a long couple of days.


Anonymous said...

wishing (and saying prayers) for the safety of you and your family and friends.

Seventy Plus said...

Poor foot,hope it gets better soon.
hope your home is safe and sound.

nonamedufus said...

You must be my long, lost cousin! Seriously, I hope everything turns out okay for you. That's gotta be a scarey situation.

Misslyds said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. The fire danger has passed for us for now. The ankle is getting better, slowly.