Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Job interview update.

Well the job interview today was ok. It was four and a half hours all up - with four sections of assessment.

They talked to us first and we did paperwork... And as we stand up to leave the boardroom, my purse, which has been having zip issues for weeks, decided to vomit the coins all over the floor. Off to an auspicious start!

First up was a team task with five of us presented with a scenario, and we had to come to a consensus about what to do. The scenario was about a new employee who was blurring the boundaries with a difficult client. I probably spoke the least, but I felt confident at the end, and thought I made valid points. There was one woman who would have been in her sixties who tried to take charge, but she just seemed to be a tool!

Next was the time management task. I feel like I really stuffed it up. I missed quite a few tasks due to time running out, but so did others. This is the one I am most worried about - there were three parts - rearrange a daily planner, and write two reports. I missed a whole section of the daily planner, which I didn't realise until I had finished, and I didn't finish one of the reports. But everyone missed stuff in that one.

The next stage was an interview - one recruitment person, one community corrections person. It was ok - your standard interview: why do you want the job, what do you think we do and so on. Then there were three behavioural scenarios "describe a time you had to negotiate with someone" and the like. I started ok, but got more nervous as I went along. By the end I was a dry-mouthed twitching wreck!

Last was a comprehension test - There were three types of questions: car is to land and boat is to a, b, c, d e; Four things out of these six are alike, which two are different: hat, shoe, sock, boat, shirt, drum; Which word means closest to the same as incorporate: a, b, c, d, e. There was only one or two that I was unsure of, but by then my brain was fried!

I find out on the 22nd of May. I am not that confident about it - but that might just be me.

I was most worried about the team task, and that turned out to be almost the easiest!
Whatever happens, happens!

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Tattoo Jim said...

You last line is the only absolute... whatever happens, happens. Fingers crossed for you.