Saturday, April 03, 2010

M&M Battles

Click to embiggen.
This is awesome. I wonder how m&ms breed? Do they need boom-chikka-wow-wow music?


Blaze said...

M&Ms' reproductive cycle is more akin to flora than fauna.

In any particular cineplex facility of every city, someone has purchased a bag of M&Ms, tried to rip it open by sheer brute strength and ended up with a shower of colourful candy spraying into the air and rattling in the dark of the cinema.

On the fecund (often to the point of sticky) floor of a cinema, the scattered M&M seeds quickly begin to germinate. After the movie, if you've ever stayed long enough into the credits, you will observe theatre employees waiting beside large barrels. When the last patron leaves, they collect trash but the big money comes from collecting ripe M&M seeds.

And that's where they come from.

Misslyds said...

That is AWESOME. Why do I suspect that the next time I am in a less-than-engaging movie, my mind will wander to the carnal m&ms beneath my seat....
Once again - AWESOME!!

Katie O. said...

I totally do this!! I have done it for years. But I eat the winner, in the end. Fatties do this.