Friday, June 05, 2009

I smoke.

On the 31st of May the hospital where I work went totally smoke free, including the psych ward. I'm not a smoker, but a lot of the staff are, and even more importantly a lot of the patients are. Until Sunday they could smoke outdoors in our courtyard. The patients have been given patches, lozenges or nicotine inhalers but they cannot smoke anywhere on the hospital grounds. I totally disagree with this. Many of the chronically mentall ill have nothing in their lives except coffee and cigarettes. We are holding them against their will, giving them only decaf coffee and now no cigarettes. I think it is a human rights issue, as do most of the staff, but it is out of our control. And the staff who smoke are having to leave the ward to go off hospital grounds to smoke, leaving the ward in a more vulnerable position for periods of time. It is like naughty school children smoking behind the shelter shed. It all feels quite ridiculous. Big Brother has taken control.
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Susan said...

I agree! Maryland, as well as countless other states in the U.S. have almost completely gone to smoke free campuses for hospitals and the like. Here at work, we're to smoke outside, even though I don't at work since there is such a stigma that a smoker is robbing time from the company. And some do take advantage (10 mins or more)
Since the rules of smoke-free restaurants and bars have been in effect (Feb '07) in Maryland, I've cut back when dining out or just going to a happy hour. I'm not even sure what states here even allow smoking at all! Next it'll be our personal vehicles. Anticipating a revolt,
btw: your postings crack me up! geeezus you've got some winners.

Misslyds said...

Personal vehicles have already been targeted here - you cannot smoke in a private vehicle if you have passengers under 16 years old.
Oh, and I'm glad you like the blog :)

Juswus said...

I'm not a smoker any more, but I still hate the way people treat you like social lepers...grrrr.

btw, I work shifts and your blog keeps me going some nights....thank you! :)