Saturday, September 19, 2009

Costco Vodka

Costco has just opened in Melbourne. I don't currently feel the need to buy a lifetime supply of toilet paper. Or Vodka for that matter.


kelly said...

wow- is that like going to a barber shop and hanging out but you really do not want a hair cut - come and party sober with us at the beach in newport beach ca.
we get clean and sober like rockstars

Misslyds said...

lol it's actually a line from my favourite song "You sound like Louis Burdett" by The Whitlams, an Australian band. The line goes "I'm stoned in a bookshop, sober in a nightclub, sex is everywhere, but nowhere around me". I thought I was more likely to be sober in a nightclub than stoned in a bookshop! Although that being said, I'm almost always sober, and I don't go to nightclubs anymore!