Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vegetarian Conspiracy Theories

Meat is so evil.

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Anonymous said...

write here i am writing on your page you dont know me and you probably never will i dont know you i just6 found your page on the search results for vegetarian coinspiracy you see im a conspiracy nut i bel\ieve that there is more happening with the world athan we are allowed to know i believe that there are alien influences here i believe that man is not the only being to evolve to full thinking capacity on this planet that we have been here for millions opon millions of years civilization after countless civilazation going thruogh a harvest cycle like the gold and human energy they can out into space or under or very feet i believe that there is a society living underground deep within the earth that secretly controlls the entire planet and that no matter what we do we will inevitably be consumed by these highly intelligent ultra evolved beings lizards prionbably who want nothing more than to get thweir crop on to feed their souls and who a re we to stop them i wonder if my choice to become a vegetarina is advancing thweir adgenda i wionder if i will ever get eighty thousand dollars for screwing in a lightbulb i wonder if anyone will come and litseten when i play my sweet music will anyone listen when i speak my sweet words will the world exist when i am gone or does it only exist in my head am i really writing this or am i imagining it why cant we all just love eachother why cant we see that we are everlasting beings who are in a constant cycle of birth and death why do i lie so well why do i hide the truth putting the thermometer \under the hottap to give me fake fever why do i shurk from work and why do i feel the need to smoke weed is it becsuse i have done it for soo long is it because my father does is it wrong of course its wrong we are meant to think clearly we are meant to soar and challenge our boundries the establishment or there lizards are controlling uas and the clock is ticking time to get right with yourself time to find that place in yourself where strength rremains its time to find the truth that is yin your iwn heart never looking back or questioning your worth because there is no question your a re worth the world and you deserve love and haopiness as wea all do we all deserve to be loved and cared for the only ones who can love and care for us is us so we must be strong for eachother and realize that we are all we have at the same time is it chilling to realize that you will always be alone in your head that no one no matter how close will ever truly know what you are thinking they saman is an island and some argue but the truth is that a miralcle take splace eeach time we talk when i say water and you think water we see completely different interpretations of the meaning for we are all only what we ahave experienced and in that or concepts are completly irreversibly different in origin and intention we see two different waters yet we understand eachother when i say nine eleven some people think of death and tragedy some think of hope and rebirth aome think of string up rag heads but we all see those oplanes crashing into those buildings we all see the bulidings falling to earth like so much water falling down the cliff we all hear the cry of anguish and the loss of our freedom most see the loss of that freedom at the hands of barak osama but those who truly see see our loss of freedom to the hidden masters of this very planet and when nibiru somes screaming around the bend will anyonje really know what is going on will they lie to us till the bitter end will enyone figure out the truth before its too late will any one come to rescue us or will we be snuffed out to start anew as we have done so many thaousands of times