Saturday, February 13, 2010

Naked baby wombat

Soooo cute. We have a wombat who lives in the bamboo, so we call her Panda. We also have an outside toilet and late at night Panda gets shitty if you go out there, so she huffs and puffs and growls. The first few times it creeped me out, but now I love it - it means she is still around. If you get home just at dusk she is often in the driveway, on her way down to the Yarra river, and she won't move - you can bloody well wait, she's busy. We also have a creek and there are lots of wombat burrows and tracks down there. One night I am going to go and spy on them with my night vision goggles. I would love for Panda to have a wombat family - the more wombats the merrier!

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