Saturday, May 28, 2011

Help me please!

Sascha won a ring in a competition, which he is kindly giving to me.  The catch is, it is a Type ring: that is, you have it inscribed with a personal message and I have absolutely no idea what to write!  I'm not really a soppy, lovey person.  I don't have a favourite quote.  Nothing (appropriate) is springing to mind!
I need some ideas people!


Linette said...

Why not just Sober in a Nightclub??? :)

PeaJay said...

Maybe a line from your favorite song?

DDRitter said...

"The Beginning Is The End Is"

Anonymous said...

Don't Panic.

bitscared said...

Cake is the answer.

tara said...

"A society that gets rid of all its troublemakers goes downhill." - Robert A. Heinlein

Tattoo Jim said...

"When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!" or maybe "put it off until tomorrow, you've made enough mistakes for today."

Misslyds said...

Oooh some good suggestions :) Sober in a nightclub is a line from my favourite song and I have considered that, or maybe another line from the same song - there are some excellent lines. The song is "You sound like Louis Burdett" by the Whitlams - the lyrics are:
Had a little bit to drink
There's a little thing I want at a do out East
Nothing too emotional, my good miss
I couldn't be serious in a room full of jack-knife eyes
Stop talking 'bout the years - you sound like Louis Burdett

And we roll on to my backshed, play some poker, scratch my head
Look at the sky and spot the planes, where would I go on holidays?
Roll with the punches, down the aisles, and down the street the weeks roll by

I'm chewing ice and grinning, I'm spewing up and spinning
It's billiousness as usual in my corner of the kitchen
Hey you, lose that friend before we go anywhere
What? Someone might see you alone?
Stop bagging out the band, you sound like Louis Burdett

All my friends are fuck-ups but they're fun to have around
Banana chairs out on the concrete, telling stories to the stars
how Gemini's love Wooden Dragons, and how down the street the weeks roll by

The moment the night wears off, the bombsite reappears
They're all asleep but the morning tastes like wine
It tastes like wine in Tempe
I feel so good I just might wake him up
Pat him on the bald head - tell me about a dream Louis, something
obscene Louis, your life's an open magazine Louis

I'm stoned in a bookshop, sober in a nightclub
Sex is everywhere but nowhere 'round me
By the time she gets to Marrickville we'll be masturbating
never rains in Tempe but the planes remind me of family money and the lack down here
Stop talking frustrated, 'cause I sound like Louis Burdett

Most of my friends are very fruity indeed, such fun to have around
Terror, like charity, begins at home
Chris don't like madness, but madness likes him
He's got a finger in his chest saying how it should have been
(See also at
I haven't made a decision yet - I'll keep you posted :)

Anne said...

I like "Sober in a Nightclub".

NurseDave said...

I thought "fuck you" in capitals large enough for people to read it when you give them the bird. But then I'm a sick bastard.

j said...

Depending on your mood -
( do i look like a give a fig )

O 4 Q 2
( self explanatory)

I (heart ) my ( heart)

j said...

of - forgot -


( what would Jack Bauer Do?)

Angry Jimbob said...

Wow, look at my ring?