Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another choice to make.

Definitely the Time Stop gun.


Rika said...

hmm copy your food and it disappears out of your system. eat as much as you want~

Big Murr said...

Not enough info to decide. Depends on how long, subjectively, the time freeze lasts. One frantic minute to accomplish my shenanigans? A leisurely hour?

Time freeze? An Australian blog? I'm suddenly flashing on "The Magic Boomerang"!

Misslyds said...

@Rika make an interesting point - I didn't think of that!!

Misslyds said...

@Blaze I was hoping it would be a decent length of time - enough time at least to have a siesta under my desk before heading back to work! The Magic Boomerang was a little before my time :) I used to love a US sitcom from the 80s called "Out of this world" where the teenage girl could stop time, and I always thought that would be brilliant!